Off to Haiti

Adrian is one of four CECAM missionaries heading to Haiti in the coming weeks.

We will soon bid farewell to four CECAM missionaries who will serve in Haiti over the coming year.

Adrian is one of four CECAM graduates who will soon be heading to Haiti to serve over the coming year. While it’s difficult to say farewell (albeit temporarily) to people who have we have been building relationship with over the last months, we’re excited to see what fruit will come from their work in Haiti. We also anticipate with excitement the next group of CECAM students who E412 will be working alongside in 2020, teaching them English and helping them to establish English language tuition outreach programs that can be deployed in any nation. We will be working alongside two or three local churches in poorer areas of Xela early in the new year and anticipate a great opportunity to both serve in the harvest and to assist local churches here in Xela to connect with the Father’s mission in their midst. 

The CECAM graduates who are soon departing to Haiti still need additional funding for accommodation – if you would like to assist with this, please give via and simply write “Haiti” in the text field under the dropdown box (“What is this donation for?”).



E412 Team

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