Who We Are

Evangelical, non-denominational and committed to mission.

We are an evangelical, non-denominational ministry that will work with any individual or church that upholds the apostolic faith, the authority of Scripture and the importance of the Great Commission. We are a 501(c)3 tax-exempt nonprofit, registered in Texas (USA) seeking to work with churches and training new missionaries from all over the English speaking world. We believe that the local church is called to be the engine room of global missions.

Allied with three of the world's leading Bible colleges.

We offer a choice of programs to train new missionaries. We have an alliance with three of the world’s leading Bible colleges. You don’t have to do Bible college to work with us, but if you do want to you can study online with Moody Bible Institute, Spurgeon’s College London or Alphacrucis College while serving with us on the mission field. If you would like to discuss which degree programs are available, contact us – we would love to talk.

recruiting, equipping and sending from the english speaking world to go to the nations.

Our passion is to see people from North America, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand respond to Jesus’ final command, the Great Commission. We teach you how to make disciple-making disciples and how to pioneer new ministries. Our training is delivered from a missions base in Xela, Guatemala – a great location to learn to minister across cultures before you go to an unreached place. Find your ultimate purpose, sharing the Gospel with people who do not yet know Him.

Working alongside centro de capacitación misionera (cecam) in Xela, Guatemala.

Serve alongside other missionaries in training at CECAM’s base in Xela, Guatemala. CECAM has been equipping and sending Latin missionaries throughout the world for over 15 years. By serving and living alongside CECAM students, you will have the opportunity to acquire Spanish and to participate in outreach and mercy ministries that may be replicated in other nations – especially in unreached places. You will also have the opportunity to help to teach CECAM missionaries English, a vital skill in many of the contexts to which they will be sent and in the process you will earn an English teaching certification from the University of Toronto (OISE).

Committed to raising up a generation of gospel pioneers for the most unreached places.

Our areas of focus are the most unreached places on the planet and the ministries that we establish in Guatemala are designed to be simply replicated in unreached nations. We believe that in order to fulfill Jesus’ command and to complete the task in our generation our focus must be firmly fixed on countries and regions with little to no Gospel presence and no healthy indigenous church.